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Why should you volunteer? To fill a need, share a skill, be part of a team, to have an impact. Those interested in volunteering can contact the Washington Information Network or call 2-1-1 for volunteer opportunities. Visit the web site and select the "Search by Keyword" tab, then enter the keyword "volunteer” and enter a location to find opportunities in your area.

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Cash Donations


Washington residents wanting to assist their neighbors in recovering from storms, flooding or other disasters are encouraged to make cash donations to a charity of their choice.Cash Donations

Cash donations allow organizations involved in responding to and assisting in disaster recovery efforts to purchase specific supplies and materials in the quantities most needed.


You may also contact your local Office of Emergency Management, Washington Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (WAVOAD), or your favorite charity for more information on how to donate to the recovery efforts in Washington State.



In Kind Donations


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Donations of food items are always needed at local food banks. This is Grocery Cartespecially true in the current economic climate as well as after a disaster such as a flood or severe storm. To find your local Food Bank, see the Washington State Food Pantries List, or call 2-1-1, for assistance and information.




Why cash donations? In-kind donations such as clothing, household supplies, etc. can quicklySupplies become a burden for local emergency managers and disaster relief agencies. This is due to the additional resources and cost associated with accepting, sorting and distributing the donations to citizens or organizations impacted by the disaster.


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