State Emergency Response Commission (SERC)

The State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) has been established within our state under SARA Title III.  The Commission established its Bylaws, which set forth, in part, its governing rules.

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The purpose of the SERC is to develop and support programs of state and local governments and local university sponsored programs that are designed to improve emergency planning, preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery capabilities, with special emphasis associated with hazardous chemicals. Specific responsibilities of the SERC include, but are not limited to, the following duties:

  • Receive and record written reports submitted under the Emergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA). Receive and record verbal emergency toxic chemical release reports.
  • Designate local planning districts and provide assistance to Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC) in the development of an emergency response plan for their district.
  • Establish EPCRA community education and training programs that address mitigation, emergency preparedness, disaster response, and long-term disaster recovery.


The goals of SERC, through the the Washington State Hazardous Materials Program, are to:

  • Help each LEPC to complete a hazardous materials emergency response plan.
  • Plan for chemical emergencies.
  • Provide hazardous chemical inventory reporting tools and data.
  • Provide toxic chemical release reporting procedures.

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HazMat Schedule of Various Events, Deadlines and Training:

  • Grant Application Deadline:
    • For more information on Grant Applications, contact the Hazmat/SERC/LEPC Program Manager at 253.512.7140.
  • Upcoming Hazmat Exercises:


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