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WebEOC® is software designed to bring real-time crisis information management to the Washington State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) as well as to other local, state and federal EOCs.

Web-based technology developed by Emergency Services integrators, Incorportated (ESi), puts integrated crisis information management within reach of most emergency management agencies. Using a minimal investment in equipment, hardware and software even small jurisdictions will be able to take advantage of this technology and to harness the power of the Internet.

The result is secure, real-time access to details of operations in the local jurisdiction, neighboring jurisdictions, including regional, state and national data vital to the efficient management of any contingency (e.g., weather trends, satellite images, mapping information, and local, regional or national resource status).

A technologically advanced product, WebEOC features ease-of-use: unlimited user access, extensive customer tools, easy customization, and low acquisition and on-going maintenance costs.

WebEOC provides the state of Washington cost-effective, real-time information sharing by linking local, state, national sources together, WebEOC helps facilitate decision-making in emergency situations.

WebEOC's architecture uses Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as the database, Microsoft IIS 6.0 as the web server, and clients use Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5.5 or above.

WebEOC may be customized to meet the unique needs of jurisdictions. Any number of authorized users can log into a jurisdiction's WebEOC.

Information from WebEOC can be viewed on individual PC's or displayed onto any number of large screens (typically three screens). It will display text-based lists, reports and checkpoints in conjunction with graphics, maps, video, live TV camera, contact lists and other information needed in an emergency situation.

All windows are scalable and movable; and any number of windows can be displayed on any screen, or any window can be displayed across all screens.

WebEOC is employed in some of the most critical and visible Emergency Management (EOC) activities in the world. Examples are: The Kennedy Space Center, The Jet Propulsion Laboratories (NASA), Cape Canaveral Air Station, U.S. Department of Energy sites, Delta Airlines, as well as in cities and counties across Washington, and in many other states across the country.

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