November 2014


Winter is Coming - Are You Prepared?

Washington State is not immune to disasters. Recent years have shown we have a great variety of winter weather events - severe winter storms, floods, and extended power outages have occurred across our state. We must accept this as reality and assume responsibility by taking action to prepare ourselves, our loved ones, homes, pets and neighborhoods. Our Prepare in a Year Booklet and associated videos will help teach you what you need to do and help you prepare to survive the upcoming winter weather. For other suggestions review our Windstorm & Flood brochures.

Downed Power Line Safety - Video Photo of downed power lines over street and sidewalk


Generator Safety - Video

Carbon Monoxide Safety - VideoCO-FireDetectors



(Take the time to watch all the videos)


Flood preparedness series logo

Flood Preparedness Series

These videos will help you - actions to take to before, during, and after a flood. Learning what the "alerts" mean and more about flood insurance will also help with your preparedness efforts.


NOAA Weather Radio: Immediate Notification

For more information, go to:

National Weather Service

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Official Site







Other Resources

Prepare in a Year

Don't forget...
Choose one hour each month to complete the designated activity and write it on your planning calendar.

Month #1 Activity:
Develop an Action Plan
Month #2 Activity:
Out of Area Contact
Month #3 Activity:
Storing Water
Month #4 Activity:
72-Hour Comfort Kit
Month #5 Activity:
Important Documents
Month #6 Activity:
Extended Events
Month #7 Activity:
Under the Bed
Month #8 Activity:
Utility Safety
Month #9 Activity:
Drop, Cover & Hold On
Month #10 Activity:
Fire Safety
Month #11 Activity:
Shelter in Place
Month 12 Activity:
Home Hazard Hunt



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