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You may have read articles claiming the value of the Triangle of Life. Many of the facts used to justify its merits are unproven and questionable. Drop, Cover, and Hold is the national standard for earthquake safety in the United States. 


Safety Tips: 

Take action before an earthquake to minimize the impact. Unsecured bookcases, tall furniture, mirrors, wall hangings, and other items could fall over or break during an earthquake and cause injury. Secure the contents of your home to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The best method to protect yourself during an earthquake is to Drop, Cover, and Hold. Be sure to practice taking cover in a safe place in each room. This will help you quickly move to your safe place during an earthquake instead of responding to the instinctive urge to run.


Be ready to respond after an earthquake by dressing for safety. Protect your head, feet and hands. Have a pair of sturdy shoes, leather gloves and a hard hat under your bed so you know where to get the essentials, day or night.



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