Pet Preparedness

Lovebird, bunny, puppy, kitty and fishbowl

"Amid the chaos of a mass evacuation - when every second counts -- even the most beloved companion animals can be overlooked and left behind. If flood waters are rising, people typically cannot take the time to coax terrified cats out from under their beds. Even wild animals, despite their survival instincts, cannot always save themselves from a perilous situation." (American Humane Society)

Have Pets? Have a Plan!

Disaster Supply
Kit for Pets

Did you know…

"More than 30 percent of individuals who refused to evacuate during Hurricane Katrina did so because they were unwilling to leave their pets behind.

An ASPCA survey conducted in 2004 indicated that nearly 50 percent of respondents did not have a family or an evacuation plan. It also revealed that 67 percent of the respondents would refuse to leave pets behind or go to an evacuation shelter that did not accept pets." (



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