It won't happen here. We can have a tendency to think that disasters will not happen where we live. Recent years however have proven it can - severe winter storms, floods, and extended power outages have occurred across our state. We must accept this as reality and assume responsibility by taking action to prepare ourselves, our loved ones, homes, pets and neighborhoods.


Prepare in a Year

Key to Success:

Choose one hour each month to complete the designated activity and write it on your planning calendar.


Action Plan
1. Action  Plan

Out of Area Contact

2. Out of Area Contact

Out of Area Contact Plan
Stock up on Food
3. Water

-Turn off Water
-Extra Water Source

72-hour Comfort Kit

4. 72-hour Comfort Kit

4a. Grab & Go Kit

Important Documents
5. Important Documents
Extended Events
6. Extended Events

-Turn off Water
-Extra Water  Source

Under the Bed
7. Under the Bed Items
Utility Safety
8. Utility Safety

Turn off:

-Natural Gas

Learn Drop, Cover, Hold
9. Drop, Cover & Hold

Principles of Safety and Drop, Cover, Hold On

Fire Safety
10. Fire Safety


Shelter in Place
11. Shelter in Place

Shelter in Place at school, home, work

Home Hazard Hunt
12. Home Hazard Hunt

Prepare in a Year  Prepare in a Year Booklet (PDF)

Prepare in a Year Booklet: Spanish - (PDF)

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