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NOAA Weather Radio is a service of the National Weather Service, a part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the U.S. Dept of Commerce.

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This Little Box Could Save Your Life
September 11, 2003 - By Brian Calvert

NOAA Weather Radio
is the voice of the National Weather Service, broadcasting the latest area weather forecasts and conditions 24-hours a day.

NOAA Weather Radio protects lives! It is an "all-hazards" warning system, used not only for immediate flood and weather related events, but also hazards like tsunamis, volcanic activity, hazardous releases, AMBER child abduction alerts, and secondary hazards from terrorism and earthquakes. Weather radio receivers behave like smoke detectors, silently monitoring, and then alerting you to the initial warning message upon receipt, providing more time to respond to the event. Tests of this feature occur each Wednesday around mid-day, unless significant weather threatens.

Under a 1975 White House policy statement, NOAA Weather Radio was designated the sole government-operated radio system to provide warning information direct to the American people for both natural and technological hazards.

NOAA Weather Radio is a lifesaver for the cost of a pair of shoes.

NOAA Weather Radio is a perfect complement to local broadcast news, as well as the Internet and other weather information sources. It serves as a "first-alert" to the hazardous event. Most news-oriented broadcasters will offer further information.


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